Videojet 650 CIJ inkjet coding printer plastic packing date printer





Power: 60w
Weight: 18kg
Power supply: 100-120/200-240VAC
Function: inkjet printing
Print Depth: Adjustable
Working temperature: 37 degrees
Applicable objects: plastic bags, steel pipes, packaging boxes, etc.
Production capacity: 24h use
Printing height: 5mm-12mm best
Applicable industries: food, medical, industrial
Printing speed: single line up to 150m/min
Applicable raw materials: ink, thinner
Printing Orientation: Front and Reverse
Maximum viscosity: machine self-adjusting
Applicable workpiece: packaging line
Number of prints: unlimited
Dimensions: 482mm*345mm*314mm
Body: stainless steel body
Uses: product surface marking and marking
Type: Small character inkjet printer
Model: 650

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