Videojet 630 CIJ inkjet coding printer plastic packing date printer





More cost-effective imported inkjet printer. Compared with ordinary domestic machines, imported Videojet inkjet printers are not only more acceptable to us in terms of price, but also not inferior to mainstream Videojet inkjet printers in the 1000 series in terms of performance, coding effect and speed. , it can be said that the price is very high.

The Videojet 630 small character automatic inkjet printer can print 1-3 lines at a speed of 150 m/min (10 characters per inch, single line printing).

The optional dot matrix includes: single line: 5×5, 5×7, 7×9, 12×16 (Chinese characters); double line: 5×5, 5×7; three line: 5×5, 5×7.

Character height: 2 mm – 7.5 mm can be selected, depending on the dot matrix size of the font itself, the recommended printing distance is 12 mm, and the height can be reached: 5 mm – 15 mm.

The core imported configuration, the quality is more guaranteed.

Adopting the logo micro-technology platform newly developed by American Videojet Company, and adopting the modular ink circuit system, the details are more perfect and scientific, which reduces the daily use and maintenance costs, saves a lot of customer production time, and liberates more factory staff productivity .

The Videojet 630 printer uses a membrane type keyboard with touch feedback, including 72 letters, numbers and special function keys, which is more durable, has a longer lifespan, and is easier to operate. The PC-style layout is close to international PC conventions.

The display screen adopts 320×240 pixels, 5.7″ LCD display with bright blue backlight, long service life and good visual effect. The WYSIWYG editing of screen information allows our old customers to better operate and use, customer identification / Patterns can be created by each user on the printer or computer.

Rich configuration functions and complete software applications:

The internal language settings of the Videojet machine are varied to meet the needs of users in different regions, including English and Simplified Chinese. The information can store up to 100 pieces of complex information, and can use the USB memory card for unlimited storage at the same time, standard USB with logo and memory backup function, making our data more secure. The protection level is the international standard IP55, stainless steel cabinet.

It is suitable for use in more harsh environments. It can work stably and continuously in dust workshops and workshops with relatively high humidity. It can be connected to an external alarm device and positive pressure air. It is more adaptable to the environment and exceeds the IP of domestic brand inkjet printers. The protection level is the obvious advantage in its use.

Using the same printhead technology as the Videojet 1000 series models:

The original imported print head from Videojet from the United States, matched with the 1000 series of small character models, and unified research and development, improved the product quality of Videojet 630 inkjet printers, lowered the threshold for use, and made the price more affordable. Everyone knows that the nozzle is an important part of the inkjet printer. The nozzle of the Videojet 630 printer and the nozzle of the Videojet 1210 printer belong to a series with automatic heating function. The following are some of the nozzles Attributes. With selected inks; actual installation may require additional hardware based on production environment conditions.

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