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The newly launched 1330 inkjet printer for pipe industry. Compared with the previous products, this new inkjet printer is equipped with a 5L solvent box, which greatly reduces the number of solvent additions, thereby effectively reducing operating costs and maintenance time, and improving startup time. The demand for long-term continuous operation in the pipe industry.

Videojet 1330 Pipe Printer Features:

Equipped with a 5L solvent box, greatly reducing the number of solvent additions
Configuring USB I/O information editing, saving easier
Precise dot control ensures consistent print quality in any environment
The nozzle cleaning cycle is long, and frequent cleaning is not required
Unique design of 5 liter large capacity solvent cartridge

Error free – Smart control technology ensures the correct ink is used every time
No Mess – Needle design and septum design effectively prevent ink spillage and backflow.
No waste – 100% solvent is used up, no waste
Design advantage

No downtime due to fluid fusion
No downtime due to wrong fluid
No mess from spills and frequent solvent bottle changes
Long-term stable operation, intelligent nozzle calibration

The nozzle can be automatically calibrated and adjusted to ensure continuous work
The automatic cleaning function of the print head ensures that the printer can run for a long time
The nozzle module is plug and play, which is faster and more convenient
Always maintain excellent code quality

The Videojet 1330 dedicated tube printer provides the clearest coding results in the industry.

Accurate dot placement for high print quality
Dynamic Calibration technology ensures consistent code quality in any environment
A range of inks designed to achieve ideal coding results

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