UV laser Marking machine CFB-UV3.0

Model: CDB-UV5.0

Brand: Cheef


Technical data Configure
wavelength ( nm ) 355
repeat frequency 10Hz to 150kHz ( up to 500kHz )
Pulse width ( ns ) @30kHz 18
Average power ( W ) @30kHz 3.0
Average power stability <±3% over 24 hours
Single pulse energy ( uJ) @30kHz 100
Single pulse stability <3%rms
Spot pattern TEM00(m^2<1.3)
Spot divergence angle <2mrad
Spot diameter 0.7mm
Spot roundness >90%
Point to stability <50urad
Polarization state Horizontal
Polarization ratio 100:1
Use voltage 15-30
Refrigeration method Water-cooling
Temperature range of the usage environment (°C ) -10-50


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