LlNX 8940 Small character inkjet printer


Brand: LlNX



Print speeds and sizes Printhead: Mk11 Midi Mk11 Midi plus Nozzle size: 62 µm 75 µm Lines of print: Up to 5 Up to 5 Character height 1.8 to 20 mm 2.1 to 20 mm range: Maximum speed 6.25 m/s 9.10 m/s for single line print (0.47 mm (0.57 mm (5 dot high drop pitch) drop pitch) characters): Maximum speed 2.65 m/s 2.56 m/s for two line print (0.43 mm (0.52 mm (7 dot high drop pitch) drop pitch) characters): Recommended 12mm 20mm distance from (35mm for (45mm for printhead to carton coding carton coding substrate: message style) message style) Hardware features Easi-Change® Service Module, change interval: up to 24 months (18,000 hours) – dye-based inks, up to 12 months (6,000 hours) – soft pigmented inks* Unique automatic printhead flushing: typical cleaning interval 3 months (100 starts and stops) – dye-based inks, up to 1 month – soft pigmented inks Printhead jet-speed control and temperature sensing for consistent printing in changing ambient temperatures Mistake-proof, mess-free ink and solvent refilling while printing (0.5 litre ink cartridge, 1 litre solvent cartridge) 10-inch full colour touch screen with tough, solvent-resistant polymer cover Durable ink pump with no scheduled changes required Extended shutdowns (up to 3 months) without printer flushing or draining Robust, flexible dual-tube conduit for static and moving printhead applications SOftware features Single-press start print, pause print and jet shutdown Auto power-off after jet shutdown Simple message creation and editing with drag-and-drop field positioning and zoom function for long messages Total print count, message count and batch count Message store display and message style selection Password-protected functions, with customisable user profiles Message creation/editing while printing On-screen system monitoring, to measure key ink system and environmental parameters, to help avoid unscheduled stoppages On-screen output rate measurement and production stoppage log. Downloadable onto USB On-screen fluid level indicators, 12 hour running from fluid refill warning to printer stop in most applications On-screen help and diagnostics information PrintSync® automatic font and message format selection, based on message style selected and production line speed Multiple operator languages (user selectable) with on-screen keyboards, secondary keyboard for multi-language printing Simple line speed and shaft encoder setup wizard, for installation on new production lines Up to 50 line settings can be stored, with individual line names Message store and printer settings backup, copy and restore using USB storage device Simple Communications Protocol (YAML based scripts) and Linx Remote Communications Interface for connection to PCs or PLCs using Ethernet port or optional RS232 port QuickSwitch® message selection and editing using bar code scanner Message printing facilities Text, symbols and numbers Prompted fields for one-step message editing with customisable on-screen prompts Height, width and delay functions for easy code sizing and positioning Automatic formats for printing dates and times (using the printer’s internal clock) Custom date and time editor to create different date formats as required Automatic date forward function. Add number of seconds, minutes, hours to the current time, or number of days, weeks or months to the current date Automatic time adjustment option for daylight savings time Sequential numbering, forward and backward counting, variable intervals, multiple number ranges, alphanumeric sequencing One touch sequential number reset option from the printer screen, and reset using external trigger Sequential text fields, increment and reset sequences using external triggers, optional one touch sequence reset from the printer screen ‘Production Schedule’ function, to print a sequence of messages automatically, with different triggering and repeat print options Number of messages stored: up to 1000 using internal printer memory (depending on message content), more can be stored using a USB storage device Bold character printing (up to 9 times) Variable character spacing for improved vision system recognition Rotated character (tower) printing Shift coding (message content changes automatically at defined times) Graphics and logos can be imported into the printer as bitmap files using the USB port Reverse and inverted printing Barcodes (ITF 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 128, EAN 13, EAN 8, UPCA, Pharmacode, Data Matrix, QR Code)

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