Flying Fiber Laser Printer 30W CFB-FL30W

Model: CFB-FL30W

Brand: Cheef


Technical data Configure
 Parameter  Laser Fibre laser
  Wave length 1064nm
  Average power  30W
  If take optical coupler Yes
  Repeat frequency of laser 20kHz~80kHz
  Red light localization  yes
Vibrating mirror parameters  maximum speed 7000mm/s
  resolution ratio 0.001mm
  Repeat positioning accuracy 0.0025mm
optical output  Marking Area 70×70mm,100*100mm(apolegamy)
  Minimum line width 0.01mm
  Min character  0.2mm
coolant passage cooling-down method  air patenting  
System Properties Power Supply 0.6KW/AC220V/50Hz
  Environment Request 0~35°C,Humidity≤90%


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