Domino AX350I Small character inkjet printer





Domino ax350i Machine Specifications:


1, about the operation of the machine: • User interface: 7-inch color touchscreen (optional), 10.4-inch color touch screen (optional) • Simple and user-friendly interface • Single button start and stop , also supports remote Control


2, consumables, automatic consumables identification function, to avoid the wrong add • Intelligent level sensing, in advance to inform the use of consumables • diluent Box estimated use time: 267 hours (standard environment) • Consumables Replacement: 20-second operation time, no need to stop production line


3, equipment maintenance and Maintenance Mode: maintenance-free, the use of ITM Intelligent Maintenance-free module system itm Intelligent Maintenance-free module replacement cycle: December itm Intelligent Maintenance-free module replacement: Expected to finish in 10 minutes


4, use the environment • Operating temperature: 5-45 degrees Celsius • Humidity: 0-90% RH • Protection Class (fuselage): IP66 Electronic Protection Zone Protection (IP55) • Harsh environment Optional IP65 Nozzle (anti-flushing), nozzle positive pressure air (suitable for high dust environment), sprinkler air drying (suitable for high humidity environment)

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