Domino AX150I Small character inkjet printer





Domino Inkjet Machine ax150i Inkjet specifications speed (M/s): •

 1 lines-5 dots High: Resolution 5.1–resolution 3.8 • 2 line-7 point array Height: Resolution 1.3–resolution 0.9 •


2 line-9 dot High (high quality): Resolution 1.0–resolution 0.7 · 1 lines-24 dots High (QR


code recommended format): Resolution 0.5–resolution 0.4 size •


Number of lines: 5 lines • Inkjet height (dots): 24 Dots •


Inkjet Height (mm): 20 mm • Inkjet Code dots size: 0.31 mm Inkjet Format • Text: Support all Unicode content • Figure Case: Can import bmp,jpg, can use Icon Editor •




code: ean8,13,upca,ecode39,93,128,2of5,itf-14,gs1-128 QR


code: DATAMATRIX,QR code,dot Code, Han Xin code, Postnet

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