Domino A520I Small character inkjet printer





Operational Capability Max number of unicode characters per line 255 Max number of lines Standard 4 Max number of lines Duo 8 Max number of lines Pinpoint 3 Max number of lines XS 4 Max number of message per message store 256 Max number of message stores per printer 16 Max line speed (single line 5 drop) 510m/min Interfaces TouchPanel remote touch screen (IP65) Optional Ethernet (web server and email alert function) Standard USB Standard RS232 Optional Domino Protocols Codenet/ Intercom Industry Protocols ZPL (limited) 4 stage 24v beacon (Port is standard) Optional 4 stage voltage free contacts Standard Programmable i/o (8 Inputs and 8 outputs) Optional Product detect Standard Shaft encoder Standard Graphical User Interface QuickStep, full colour interface. Intuitive navigation via large, easy to read buttons and icons; WYSIWYG print preview. Multi-language support. Environment Weight 33kgs IP rating electronics enclosure IP66 IP rating inks system enclosure IP55 Operating temp 5-45°C (40-112°F) Humidity 10-90%RH Power requirement 100-240V:4A 50-60Hz Power consumption 94 Watts Compliance CE Standard TUV Standard RoHS Standard Sony Green Partner Standard Eupia compliant inks Standard Heavy metal free inks Available Halogen free inks Available SureStart Print Head

Standard and Duo Conduit length 3m standard or 6m optional Nozzle size 60μ or 75μ Pinpoint Conduit length 3m standard or 4m optional Nozzle size 40μ XS Conduit length 3m standard or 6m optional Nozzle size 60μ Conduit bend radius 65mm Heater Standard Heavy Duty print head (IP65) Optional Positive air pump Optional Air Dryer Optional Ink System i-Tech ink system Standard CleanFill ink cartridge 825ml* CleanFill MU cartridge 1200ml* i-Tech Module replacement Ink dependent* Routine servicing None

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