DOD Ink Jet handling Printer DH16B/DH16W/DH32B/DH32W

Model: DH16B/DH16W/DH32B/DH32W

Brand: Cheef


DOD Ink Jet Printer

Item Name:16dot DOD handling black ink printer

Model: DH16B

Item Name: 16dot DOD handling white ink printer


Item Name: 32dot DOD handling black ink printer


Item Name: 32dot DOD handling white ink printer


Product Introduction:

1, small size, the body weighs 2.6Kg, the nozzle ultra-light.

2, the character height arbitrarily adjusts the 5mm-60mm interval arbitrary adjustment

3, the Pinyin input method, the operation convenient

4, with the cleaning function, the ink bag package ink may change at any time to replace the

cleaning liquid bag, and has the discharge ink interface, may the instantaneous nozzle and the

ink tube in the ink discharge, and fills the cleaning liquid, guarantees the next normal use,

The sprinkler never jams, not dry.

5, gas-liquid separation, to ensure that the air pump gas is not blocked by Ink

6, four-wheel design, can spray plane, arc surface, pipe wall, such as any irregular surfaceSuzhou CHEEF Technology Co.,LTD

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7, the track can be adjusted, can card different thickness of pipe

8, 4.3-inch color LCD screen, humanized operation

Special features:

machine-specific height adjustment function, So the nozzle can be adjusted an angle, and

then set a slope in the host with this angle, through the encoder to give the synchronization

signal, print out the characters are taller than the original character, it is worth proposing is to

change the height of the letter and not reduce the number of printing points.

Product parameters:

Printing font size and number of lines: 32-point array:

Height 10–126mm interval arbitrary adjustment, the width of any adjustment can be sprayed

single-line Chinese characters and two lines of digital or English

software features: real-time date clock, print batches, count, shift font up and down, flip-out

printing graphics: Inkjet printers Standard graphics, symbols and other date codes: Support

century, year, month, day, time, minute,

printing speed: manual control

printing distance: from the surface of the printed object: 8mm fixed

state display: The red indicator light on the screen

display: Display all the printing parameters, at a glance, a key to change the setting

trigger: Photoelectric sensor trigger

printing Control: Encoder Control Printing

Direction: 360 degrees can be sprayed printing

material: permeable or non-permeable material

can use ink: water-based ink (permeable surface) or oily ink (non-permeable)

ink color: Black, red, blue, yellow, white, optional ink:

Built-in air pump pressure: 0.01-0.06MP A

djustable power supply Parameters: DC24V, 1.5A,

average power consumption less than 30W

charging time: No more than 3 hours

battery life: Minimum Eight hours

temperature-20 degrees-70 degrees,

humidity 30%-70%

cable length: 1.8 m (can be customized according to requirements)

machine weight: approx. 4Kg

machine Size: 205*130 *110mm

machine Appearance: All stainless steel body, anti-wear durable

overall size: 48*38*17.5cm, total weight:10kgs

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