Big Character on line Ink Jet Printer D32B


Brand: Cheef


Product features:

text, mixed-interface suitable for porous material and

economic, reliable, no maintenance, long service life and unique designs and

quick wash function.

Print Parameter:

Spray Printing font size and the line number:

7 points array: height 10-24mm interval any regulation, width any regulation

can spray printing line digital or English

16 points array: height 10-60mm interval any regulation, width any

regulation, can spray printing line characters and double line digital or


32 points array characters or double line 16 points array characters and four line

digital letters operation interface:

in the English can selected store information: 100 article, each articleSuzhou CHEEF Technology Co.,LTD

Tel:+86-512-62810865 Fax :+86-512-67301180


information can entered 36 a 32 points array characters or 72 a 16 points

characters or 144 a 7 points digital or English software function: real-time date

clock, and print batch, and count, and shifts, and font upper and lower upside

down, and around flip

print speed: 0.5-120 meters/minutes

print distance: from was spray printing objects surface: 5-50mm

state displayed: print Shi red indicates lamp bright screen

displayed: displayed all print parameter, at a glance, a key change set triggered

way: photoelectric induction device triggered Spray

printing direction: side spray, and Xia spray spray printing material:

permeability or non-penetration material are can using

Ink: water ink (permeability surface) or oily ink (non-permeability)

ink color: black

way: built-in pump suppressed

gas source pressure: 0.03Mp

power parameter: AC220V, and 50HZ, average power is less than 100W

data: can RS232 and computer transmission using

environment: temperature-20 degrees-60 degrees, humidity 30%-70% machine

weight: 10Kg

machine size: 240*190*100cm

machine appearance: industrial spray, wear-resistant and durable

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