How to choose the inkjet printer?

  1. Marking application of inkjet printer in UDI
  2. What brands of inkjet printers are available, and how to choose each brand?

The brands of inkjet printers are Domino, Videojet, Imaje, linx, Hitolix, Willy, etc. Each brand has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For details, please refer to the application video of each brand.

Here is a video of each brand of machine maintenance.

The principle of the inkjet printer is basically the same. The accessories of each machine are slightly different in the machine. Basically, the components of these accessories are combined together to form a complete machine operation. The machine basically has an ink circuit system. , circuit system, nozzle, bracket, these parts are composed. The model of each brand of machine is different, the difference is that the program of each model of the machine is different, the structure of the accessories inside is slightly different, different models are used in different industries, and the printing content and printing speed are different.

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