The application range of the inkjet printer

The application scope of the inkjet printer mainly includes food, beverage, machinery, electronics, cable, daily chemical, chemical, and other industries. The following are videos of applications in various industries, please refer to them. Cable industry application:

How to choose the inkjet printer?

Marking application of inkjet printer in UDI What brands of inkjet printers are available, and how to choose each brand? The brands of inkjet printers are Domino, Videojet, Imaje, linx, Hitolix, Willy, etc. Each brand has its own advantages and disadvantages. For details, please refer to the application video of each brand. Here is a […]

Advantages and disadvantages of inkjet printers

Compared with laser marking machines, inkjet printers have the following advantages: Non-contact marking, without damaging the surface of the object, marking products, Fast speed, can reach 300 meters per minute, assembly-line operation. See the video in action. shortcoming: The machine needs to be maintained regularly. See maintenance video.

What are the functions and uses of inkjet printers?

The function of the inkjet printer is mainly used for coding and marking, such as production date, batch number, two-dimensional code, barcode, logo, pattern, etc. Used to trace the origin of the product. Know which batch was made and which day it was made. It is also an important means of anti-counterfeiting identification. Below is […]

How to choose an inkjet printer?

There are many types of inkjet printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, TIJ ink cartridge machines, labeling machines, high-resolution machines, dod large character machines, there are many types, so which ones should we choose? Generally speaking, it is mainly based on your own budget and production line requirements, such as speed requirements, printed content requirements, output […]